Leavers Hoodies 2017

Leavers Hoodies 2017

We are working with Fizz-Hoodies, the UK's premier supplier of Hoodies, and are eagerly anticipating what is sure to be a wonderful keepsake to celebrate their time at the school. 


We are in the process of compiling an order. The Hoodies will have a large ‘16’ print on the back, containing the names of all students in the Year Group, and will also feature an embroidered logo on the front. Students can pick from a variety of 12 different Hoody styles and a huge range of 50 different colours. They also have the opportunity to personalize their Hoody with a nickname too at a small extra cost if they wish.


All of the students have the opportunity to purchase a Hoody. It is essential that their orders are placed in plenty of time so that they don't miss out.

The price for each Hoody starts from £21.00

An upgrade to a premium style or the addition of a nickname costs an extra £3.50.



College Hoody Only - £21.00

College Hoody + Nickname - £24.50

Premium Hoody - £24.50

Premium Hoody + Nickname - £28.00


Payments can be made through ParentPay.

Hoodie Color Chart: Click Here.

Link to the order form: Click Here.


Please either email the filled out form to your achievement coordinator or bring in by hand a printed copy.

The closing date for ordering hoodies is Monday 18th July 2016.