Prom 2018

Prom 2018

Prom takes place on Friday 29th June 2018.

Venue is the Chelmsford City Racecourse

Starts at 7PM and finishes at 11:30PM.


Drinks and canapés on arrival.


Two course dinner at 7:30PM followed by disco.


During the evening, there will be:

    • Opportunities for Photos.

    • Awards for Prom King & Queen and Best Arrival.


Prom tickets will cost £43.


Prom Photo Package

Prom Photo Package

This year Aurora Pearl are doing the official prom photos (head shots, full length, couples and group photos) as well as the wacky photobooth pictures.

Official Prom photos will be available in the following ways: 

Printing on the night itself



You can now pre order your photos safely and securely via the photographers website linked below, this is at a reduced price.

And then follow the instructions on screen.


Home Delivery

Students can pay for their photos on the night (cash only) for them to be edited and posted out to their home following the prom. (Edited = enhancing over or under exposed photos/black & white/sepia/etc). These will be 9x6 photos and will be charged at £15 for the editing, mounting and postage. Students will be given a receipt on the night for any of these orders. 

Parents can pre-order photos before the prom.  These photos will be paid in advance at a slightly cheaper rate of £8.  Students will need to choose their 9x6 mounted photos on the night to be printed.  


Summary of Photography Services and Prices


Leavers Hoodies 2017

Leavers Hoodies 2017

We are working with Fizz-Hoodies, the UK's premier supplier of Hoodies, and are eagerly anticipating what is sure to be a wonderful keepsake to celebrate their time at the school. 


We are in the process of compiling an order. The Hoodies will have a large ‘16’ print on the back, containing the names of all students in the Year Group, and will also feature an embroidered logo on the front. Students can pick from a variety of 12 different Hoody styles and a huge range of 50 different colours. They also have the opportunity to personalize their Hoody with a nickname too at a small extra cost if they wish.


All of the students have the opportunity to purchase a Hoody. It is essential that their orders are placed in plenty of time so that they don't miss out.

The price for each Hoody starts from £21.00

An upgrade to a premium style or the addition of a nickname costs an extra £3.50.



College Hoody Only - £21.00

College Hoody + Nickname - £24.50

Premium Hoody - £24.50

Premium Hoody + Nickname - £28.00


Payments can be made through ParentPay.

Hoodie Color Chart: Click Here.

Link to the order form: Click Here.


Please either email the filled out form to your achievement coordinator or bring in by hand a printed copy.

The closing date for ordering hoodies is Monday 18th July 2016.